Saying Yes To Your Perfect Dress

The big question was finally popped, you popped some bubbly to celebrate, and now comes the fun part: planning your wedding!!

As much fun as it can be, it can also become stressful. However, shopping for your wedding dress should be a fun and memorable experience. After being in the wedding industry over the last few years, I’ve learned some amazing tips and tricks to help pick your dream dress! 

Gateway Bridal Bride at the Salt Lake Temple by Bri Bergman Photography

1. Do some research. Pinterest is a GREAT resource for this. By looking ahead of time before you go into one of the bridal shops, it will help take away the stress of not knowing where to start. Save some photos of styles of dresses you are attracted to. By doing so, it will help you relieve some stress and help you avoid getting so overwhelmed when you’re looking at the gown inventory at different shops. 

2. Wear the bra you plan on wearing the day of your wedding. Bridal shops will have a corset and slip for you to wear when you go to try on dresses.

3. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Most of the time, shops have to order in your size because they only have a few sample sizes of each dress in their inventory. So don’t stress that your dress will be gone if you go back because it’s the one!

Mountain Bride in a Gateway Bridal gown by Bri Bergman Photography

4. Find a stylist that makes you feel like a million bucks. If you find you aren’t vibing with your stylist, chances are you won’t vibe with the dress.

5. Do your hair and makeup before you go to your appointment. If you are done up, you will see the whole picture when you’re trying on dresses. This will help you find the one!

6. If you’re planning on losing weight to fit in your dress, buy the size you are when you go shopping. You can always take in a dress, but it’s not so easy to let a dress out if you order the size down and don’t end up losing enough weight to fit in your gown. 

7. Keep an open mind! It’s always great to know what style and color you love, but don’t be afraid to try on a dress you wouldn’t necessarily immediately lean towards. I’ve had multiple brides and friends end up wearing a gown on their big day that they didn’t necessarily love on the hanger, but loved it on them! 

Mountain Bride in a Gateway Bridal gown by Bri Bergman Photography

8. When you think you’ve found the one, make sure you are 110% comfortable in it. You can sit in it, walk in it, and it flatters your body shape. 

9. Don’t bring too many people to your appointment. Too many opinions can make things confusing for you and the only opinion that matters the most is yours! 

10. As soon as you’ve set a date, one of the very next things you should do is buy your dress. The style, color, and vibe of your dress can determine everything else in your wedding. For example, you might find the perfect dress and it has blush undertones. Because of your dress color, it might be a good idea to have blush in your wedding color pallet. This will affect flower choices, table clothes, bridesmaid dress, and so much more.

Mountain Bride in a Gateway Bridal gown by Bri Bergman Photography

I’ve had a lot of experience with many bridal shops in Utah, and I’ve had one stand out on multiple occasions above others. Gateway Bridal in downtown Salt Lake City has served many of my brides. I personally have worked with them on styled shoots and had an amazing experience working with them from start to finish. They make you feel at home, they are very knowledgable on their gowns, and are completely a one stop shop. They have veils, shoes, jewelry and a huge selection of bridesmaids gowns, too! Their inventory is unique and their dresses don’t look generic or boring. They even have a wide selection of modest dresses that appeal to LDS brides. Check out Gateway Bridal and Latter Day Bride and make your appointment online today!! 

Mountain Bride in a Gateway Bridal gown by Bri Bergman Photography