Winter Cuddle Session | Miesh Studio

These two are one of my all time favorite couples I’ve ever photographed.

In fact, I’ve worked with them multiple times now, and they’re just rockstar models with no previous modeling experience. 

Winter Cuddle Session | Salt Lake City, Utah | Bri Bergman Photography 01.jpg

Meet Kenedee + Bert.

They’re high school sweethearts who have never lost their lust or love. They do everything together. They’ve travelled Europe and all over the US. They have late night bake nights and will always keep a happy face when Bert uses the wrong leavening agent. They don’t give up on each other and support each other through sports, school, and their blossoming careers.

They laugh together, love together, and live the happiest of lives together.

And, fun fact, they’re not married yet. But, I can’t wait for the day Bert gets down on one knee and *hopefully* I’m there to capture it!

So how did this amazing couple fall into my lap as clients?! I went to middle school with Kenedee and I was in need of a couple to model for me last summer. She took me up on the model call and I couldn’t have been more stoked because they are PERFECT. If I were to direct them to do the weirdest shit, they probably would. Well, within reason! LOL 

So fast forward to this winter and I wanted to shoot for myself more.

I love doing indoor couples sessions, and ff course I knew the perfect couple, Kenedee + Bert. They immediately are just so comfortable in front of the camera and you can truly feel the chemistry these two have created over the years. Bert is never afraid of a little *too much* booty grab and Kenedee is all smiles and kisses with her babe. They seriously are the sweetest with each other. 

Thank you Kenedee + Bert for being such an amazing couple and amazing clients! You two are seriously perfect and if there was ever a job opening to be your personal paparazzi, I’d take it in a heart beat.