What to Expect During Your Photography Session

First off, I am NOT your typical Utah wedding photographer. I strive to be so much more than just another wedding vendor. 

Some of my couples have never hired a professional photographer before they start planning their wedding day. So, I'm here to answer all of the FAQs I receive and to let you know what to expect from me as your wedding photographer.

What to expect during a Bri Bergman Photography session

Now, I want to let you know that I strive to be more than just a wedding vendor for you. My job isn't just to take your photos, but to make your big day memorable and as stress-free as possible. We will laugh, have fun, and maybe even cry together. My style of photography is very candid and full of real, raw emotions; so expect to have fun, but also expect those intimate, tender moments to be captured as well. I love to create memories with my couples and not make your sessions feel like another thing to check off the "to-do list." I'm all about capturing your love and how it is now, so years from your big day you can look back and remember everything perfectly. 

How will our session go?

I will make sure our session goes as smoothly as possible. I will guide you through everything. So don’t worry about practicing cute poses with your significant other in the mirror beforehand! I give my couples prompts throughout the entire session to keep the flow going. I often play music through my phone during sessions, too. Feel free to come with some music suggestions in mind! Expect to play games during our session and even run around. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun! 

A few things to keep in mind during our session:

  1. We’re capturing your love. So for that hour or so of your session, don’t be afraid to show your love! Give me all the PDA!
  2. My photography is full of movement as well as raw, candid shots. Duh. You know that by now, and that’s probably why you hired me! So, even if I give you a stagnant prompt during our session, find a way to make it a movement. Even if it’s as simple as tickling up each other’s arms or swaying back and forth.
  3. If I give you a prompt and you don’t feel comfortable in whatever position you find yourself in, MOVE! Change it! I want you to feel comfortable throughout the whole session and not feel awkward and stiff.
  4. If I’m not saying anything, that does not mean you are doing something wrong. In fact, it means I love whatever you’re doing and I want you to keep doing it! 
  5. If you are enjoying yourself in a moment, I will not interrupt it and move you onto the next thing. 


What should I wear?

Simplicity is always best!! Think about your location choice and pick something that won’t be too distracting, but still separates you from your environment. A soft, neutral color pallet is always a safe bet. Blues, browns, khaki, white/cream, and greens! It’s best to avoid crazy patterns like a lot of stripes or polkadots. It’s also best to avoid neon colors because they don’t photograph well on skin tones. For more ideas and my in-depth session style guide here, click here.

Outfit Color Guide for Photography Sessions by Bri Bergman Photography.jpg

Can you edit out my acne, scar, or bruise?

Sure can! I will do my absolute best to mask the imperfections you don’t want there. I want YOU to be happy with your photos so you can cherish them forever. I feel like it’s just my luck when I get my own photos taken that I end up with a giant zit, and I’m always so happy when the photographer removes it in their editing process. If it’s not permanent or you weren’t born with it, it shouldn’t belong in your photos!

Alexis said... 
I absolutely loved working with Bri, she is so talented. We had her do our engagements, bridals, and wedding photos and they all look so stunning. We get infinite compliments on them as well. Her editing style is beautiful and my husband would like to add that he has pretty bad acne and she made him look so naturally clear. She is also so willing to do whatever you want, she always ends by asking if we have "any hopes, dreams, desires" and WILL fulfill them. Seriously, go check her instagram @bribergmanphoto.

What time of day do you prefer to shoot at?

Because I am a natural light photographer, I love to shoot about an hour and a half before sunset. This is the prime golden hour that will make your photos look amazing! However, sunrise can also provide amazing light as well!

Keep in mind, I also love shooting in some of the natural light studios in Utah. Some of my favorites include Wild Willow Studio and Life and Style Studio.

There are many added benefits when choosing to shoot in studio:

1. You can shoot at any time of day as long as the sun is up!

2. You don’t have to worry about weather. You’ll stay dry and warm!

3. The studio provides a clean look that will be everlasting for years to come. This is a fabulous option during the colder months because sometimes there isn’t snow in the valley, the ground is muddy, and there aren’t any leaves on trees or the flowers haven’t started blooming yet.

Winter Wedding in studio Bridal Shoot by Bri Bergman Photography

Many of my brides have opted to shooting in studio for these reasons. You can check out some other in studio bridal sessions by clicking here.

How do I pick the location for our session?

Don’t worry! I will help you. I’ve shot in many different locations varying from city, to rural, to mountainous. We can even shoot in a natural light studio! BUT! I encourage you to choose a location that either means something to you and/or a location that not everyone shoots at. Bonus: choose a location I’ve never shot at!


Long story short, expect to have fun! Our sessions will be a blast, I will walk you through everything, and by the time your big day comes, I’ll be more than just a vendor but hopefully a friend!