Emily + Will's Bridals

Everlasting Bridals

Clean, warm vibes for a simple but elegant bride.

At first, Emily and Will thought they could go without a wedding photographer and just let their friends and family capture their day. After their engagements didn't go as planned, they sought out a pro and found me! They loved the look of my in studio photography and Emily had her heart set. We did their first look session at my favorite natural light studio in Downtown Salt Lake. I'm in love with this dreamy, bright, and clean look for their formals!

Fun fact about Emily and Will: they actually met at a wedding! The entire night Will was trying to ask around about who this amazing girl was and little did he know that he would be marrying her a year later. 

These two were meant for each other. They just are so entirely in love. They made my job so easy! But enough talk. Let me show you!