Rebekah + Travis | Utah Summer Wedding

This cute little summer wedding was in the heart of Salt Lake City at the Old Chase Mill. Tucked in the Tracy Aviary, you would have no idea it was there! With peacocks roaming free and champagne flowing, this wedding went off without a hitch!

BBPhotoUtah summer wedding ceremonyOld Chase Mill02.JPG

Bekah + Travis were made for each other. True soul mates. Their wedding was a mid-summer's night dream. With rustic chic details accented in peach and blue, Bekah + Travis tied the knot for eternity.

Every girl dreams of the day they'll be a bride. (Trust me guys. They do.) They dream of the moment they'll walk down the aisle with their dad. Bekah didn't just want her dad to walk her down the aisle. She wanted to him to give her away to the man of her dreams AND marry them! Yup. You just read that right folks. Bekah's dad performed the ceremony. 

It was a blazing hot 100+ degree wedding day. We all had sunscreen on and even the best man had to wipe Travis' brow a few times. But, their ceremony was one I will never forget. They wrote their own vows and talked about the years of memories they've created. My fav was when Travis and Bekah shared the story about their early dating years when Bekah traveled to Europe for a few months. Travis dropped everything after a week of her being gone and surprised her. He couldn't live without her that long, so he joined her. People! He surprised her in EUROPE!! If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

Ok. Cue the water works. 

Bekah and Travis danced the night away with their closest friends and family! Even I had a freakin' blast. And to end their night with a grand exit, Travis surprised Bekah with a limo as their getaway car.