Skyler + Austin | Provo City Center Temple Wedding

I want you guys to meet my first 2019 wedding couple, Skyler + Austin. They are MADLY in love with and they are my type of people. 

Now, why are they my “dream clients”?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I never met this couple in person before their wedding day! But, the second we finally met after months of getting to know each other via email and social media, we just vibed. It’s like we had been long lost friends for months and were finally catching up. And because of this, it made their wedding so much more fun and easy to shoot! And those are the type of clients I looooooove to work with. 

Skyler + Austin first met in college when they were in the same LDS church ward and ironically lived only a floor from each other in their apartment complex. They first started dating last spring and eventually found they were spending every single day together. I mean, when you’re neighbors you can’t blame them!

As I was getting to know Skyler + Austin they were telling me almost everything important in their relationship revolved around Top Golf. All of their favorite dates have been there. After their very first “official”  date, they made their way to their “spot” which was an overlook on Potato Hill in Draper, Utah. They call it The Bench. It was windy and cold their first time there, but they didn’t care because they just wanted to be together and have a moment. They saw a shooting star that first night and Skyler told Austin she wished their mutual feelings and relationship would last. That night, Austin officially asked Skyler to go steady with him. 

Like I said, Skyler mentioned everything important has involved Top Golf. Well, in October they went to Top Golf with the same friends from the last time they went and when the game was over, everyone said they had homework or had other plans and would have to plan on leaving as soon as our scores were said and done. Austin drove just the two of them around for a minute to buy some time for those friends who "had homework" to set up a surprise proposal for them. They grabbed a super quick dinner of hamburgers and fries and when they started driving again he took the same detour to "The Bench" that he had taken on their last date after Top Golf. Their friends had set up string lights and pinned up pictures of Austin + Skyler, and there was a bouquet of flowers on the bench. They sat on the bench for a minute and reminisced about the last time they were there; the shooting star, him asking Skyler to be his girlfriend, the beginning of their romance. Austin grabbed Skyler’s hands and from what they remember—Skyler said “it must have been too exciting for the both of us because we can't remember exactly what we said to each other before he asked the question”—Austin said he loved her, he wanted to be with her forever, have a family together, and just go through life together. Then Austin asked Skyler if she would marry him, and Skyler said, "Yes, 100 times yes!" Their friends came out of hiding and they all celebrated.

Fast forward to the biggest day of their lives. 

This freeeeeezing cold winter wedding was literally 15 degrees outside. But like I said, these two are MADLY in love! You would not be able to tell they were frozen. This couple was sealed for eternity in the Provo City Center Temple on January 2, 2019. Their first grand exit as a married couple was joyous and exciting for all. They were surrounded by loved ones all day. They danced, ate cake, and had plenty of sweets at their reception. …including a hot chocolate and donut bar!!!!!!

Austin is in school to be a physical therapist so they opted for a staycation in Park City for their honeymoon and went skiing all weekend. In the next 5-10 years they’re hoping for some kids, Austin will be finished with school and starting his career, and Skyler hopes to keep excelling in her career as a pastry chef.