My Photographic Process

Most Utah wedding photographers, in my opinion, have a pretty traditional approach to their photography. But, I’m different. I’ve found my niche in non-traditional, adventurous couples and wedding photography and my process reflects that. 

When you book with me, don’t expect our session to be posey-posey. That’s just awkward and who wants to pay a stranger hundreds of dollars to get an awkward prom pose in their photo album. And for your viewing entertainment, I will show you what said pose looks like… RIP…

That’s where I step in. 

Ok. So you’ve done your research and you’ve found the perfect photographer—aka me ;)—and you’re ready to book. You’re full of nerves once you set your date and schedule your session. What do we wear? Do we need to practice posing before we go? My boyfriend/fiance/husband is always so awkward in photos… The list of wondering thoughts goes on and on and I get asked and told these ALLLLLL the time. Don’t worry babes. That’s why you hired me. 

When we arrive at the location we’re shooting at, we’ll chat for a minute. I’ll give you my “pep talk” and explain how the session will go. Hopefully this will calm some nerves and loosen you both up. If you think you’re going to be beyond nervous, have a few drinks before your session. Like seriously. Take a shot or two or have a glass of wine. I’ll even join you lol ;)

Bad ass adventurous couple session in Jackson, Wyoming by Bri Bergman Photography

I typically start simple and I will guide you through the ENTIRE session.

And it will be fun. I promise! I have had so many sessions that when we get there, the girl tells me her significant other doesn’t like to smile, is nervous, or is awkward in front of the camera. Well. News flash ladies. Every guy is like this. And I’ve become a pro at breaking them out of their shell within the first 10 minutes of our session. And 9/10 they typically say that they had fun at the end. Your photo session shouldn’t be like pulling teeth with your guy. And it’s my ultimate goal to get you both comfortable within the first few minutes even though we may have just met for the first time. 

Cute Utah couples session in the sage brush by Bri Bergman Photography

So after we start simple and you’ve loosened up, we’ll play some games.

Yup. We will be playing games. And I will make you run. A lot. This is how I get all my candid and raw photos that truly capture people’s emotions and relationships. I’ve broken down all those Pinterest and Instagram worthy poses that everyone loves and turned them up a notch by making a game in order to get those same poses in a more natural way. This eliminates the awkward “put your hand here, and turn your chin this way…” That posey posey stuff just makes people look stiff.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. “But my mom likes those posed, smile at the camera shots…”

And tell your mom not to fret. I call these my “mom shots” and we will get them. But I typically wait till the very end when you’re relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Because at this point I would be posing you, but you’re so in the grove it won’t look stiff and awkward. I might tell you to hug around each other and smile at me, but by the end of our session you’ll be so tired from our games that you’ll just melt into each other and it will look like a natural hug. 

Utah summer engagement session in Millcreek Canyon by Bri Bergman Photography

When we come to the end, I ALWAYS ask if you have any hopes, dreams, or desires. And I’m referring to the session ;) haha So if you have any poses in mind that we didn’t already cover, this is when you would bring those up. 

After we’ve gone our separate ways, the waiting begins. Everyone, myself included, is always so excited to see their images. My guaranteed turn around time from engagements, bridals, and couples sessions is 30 days. My guaranteed wedding album turn around time is 60 days. But, you never know. You might find a nice surprise in your inbox before then!

So when you book with me, I hope this will calm your nerves or answer any questions about how my process is from start to finish. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask below!

Utah couples anniversary session by Bri Bergman Photography