Why I Love Being a Non-Traditional Wedding Photographer

What’s your favorite thing to photograph? 

Short answer? I love LOVE. And I love to serve my couples and capture their amazing, lasting memories.

Long answer?

I get asked what type of photographer I am all the time when I tell people what I do. I mean, HELLO saturated vendor market!! Everyone and their dog thinks they’re a photographer…even if they’re only using their iPhone. And don’t get me wrong, I am VERY impressed in the direction cell phone cameras are going. Like have you ever used the camera on an iPhone X?! Anywayyyyyyssssss……

Utah in home couples session in a cute little A Frame Cabin by Bri Bergman Photography05.JPG
Adventurous love in Teton National Park by Bri Bergman Photography

Living in such a saturated photography market, such as Utah, it took me forever to learn how to stand out. I’ve always loved capturing people and eventually found my love for couples. But, for the longest time I thought I had to be doing what everyone else was doing in order to become a successful couples and wedding photographer. NO. And if you are doing that, STOP RIGHT NOW.

You need to find your niche.

Anniversary Adventure Shoot in Draper, Utah by Bri Bergman Photography

I spent forever trying to make pretty pictures and just fit in with what everyone else was liking and engaging with on Instagram and Pinterest. But last summer, after wrapping up my first full wedding season, I felt like I was in a slump. I wasn’t going the direction I wanted to go. My dream was to be a full time photographer, but my photography style wasn’t reflecting what I love. And in turn, I wasn’t booking anything, and if I was, I wasn’t booking the weddings and couples that kept fueling my passion and dreams.





My style was evolving, which was good, but I still wasn’t where I felt I needed to be. There was something missing: my passion. I wasn’t shooting the type of couples I wanted to be shooting. But why? I wasn’t directing my marketing in that direction, because I was trying to do what everyone else was doing!! 

BBPhoto Utah Spring engagementsLittle Cottonwood Canyon12.JPG

Once, I figured this out, my business completely shifted. I started working with couples that are quirky, fun, and adventurous! People very similar to me. Because of how easily I’m able to connect with these types of couples, I can get them to open up so much easier and show me their intimate and vulnerable aspects of their relationships. This is not easy to do with a stranger, let alone a stranger with a camera! Haha ;) But we won’t be strangers by the time our session is over.

Adventurous engagement session at Ensign Peak, Utah by Bri Bergman Photography

I finally have found my niche in this crazy photography market. I love working with couples that are willing to hike to great sites, get a little dirty, and just be kinda weird! And because I love working with these couples, it makes me love capturing those real, raw, and candid moments so much more. I am so passionate about what I do, and I connect with my couples on so many different levels, and that’s they love what I provide them: amazing images that perfectly capture their love for how it is now. 

After I tell people I'm a wedding photographer for adventurous couples, I do feel like I need to clarify something. Yes, I do shoot LDS Temple weddings. Just because you're getting married in some of the most popular venues in Utah, does not mean we can't work together. We will share those adventures during your engagement session and your bridals. I will get to know you both as a couple during these sessions and earn your trust on many levels; this will make your wedding day so much more enjoyable since you'll already by comfortable in front of the camera. And then, we'll adventure around some more wherever you're getting married and have fun capturing your big day. 


Next, you do not have to travel to some crazy cool location for us to work together. Now, that is always a plus to travel to cool places and explore new sites and I always encourage my couples to choose locations not everyone always goes to. But, I've shot an anniversary session in a freakin' park and we had a BLAST! Or, even just adventuring around my couple's homes when I shoot in home sessions. The possibilities are endless.

So to sum it all up, I love capturing adventurous love and having fun along the way.

Mountain Engagement Session in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah by Bri Bergman Photography