Madison + Mckayla | Same Sex Utah Wedding | The Canterbury Place

Love is love. And Madison + Mckayla are living proof of that.

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Madison + Mckayla first met on Tinder over two years ago. They knew it was love at first site because they continued dating and had a long distance relationship while Maddie finished school at Southern Utah University. After only four short months of dating, Maddie road a shuttle up to Salt Lake to visit Mckayla. The second she got off, she dropped to one knee and asked Mckayla to marry her. Mckayla started crying because as it turns out she had an entire night planned at her apartment that she was going to propose to Maddie! She even had everything set up already for when they arrived back at Mckayla’s place.

So they truly are perfect for each other.

When these gorgeous ladies first booked me as their photographer, they knew I was the one for them. And I was. I’ve talked about my “type” of clients before and The Primm’s (YES Maddie took Mckayla’s name!) are just that. They’re the type of couple that I can walk in on their wedding day and I am family. Both of their moms welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to help them make their special day go as smoothly and stress free as possible.

I love to challenge my couples to make ME cry at some point during their wedding day, and it was not a hard task for these girls. The water works were streaming the second the began reading their vows to each other, and once again during their first dances.

The party went on and on all night followed by their grand exit.

Maddie + Mckayla chose bubbles as their exit and it was GORGEOUS with sun setting and twilight setting in.

Rather than doing a honeymoon after their wedding, they did one before. The girls escaped to Vegas for the week before they tied the knot and relaxed by the pool while sipping some cold cocktails. They opted for this because they both were taking summer semester and they were squeezing their wedding festivities in between semesters. 

Thank you so much Maddie + Mckayla for having me be a part of your special day! 

Venue: The Canterbury Place