Cabin Fever

This adorable in home couples session was tucked away in the mountains outside of Heber, Utah. Madi + Morgan snuggled up in this A frame cabin while the rain was drizzling outside. 

This cute couple is probably the definition of perfection. Madi + Morgan were not afraid to hold back the PDA and how can you blame them. When you're married and in love you shouldn't have to! Especially when you're cuddled up in the cutest little cabin without a care in the world--well at least for the day. 

They are quirky and fun and have the cutest little Poodle named Boodle. They've been married for over a year now and have made Salt Lake their home. When they're not shmaboodling (their name for cuddling) and getting caught in the rain, you can probably find them working on their dogs modeling career. PS their still looking for a dog modeling agency if anyone's interested. 

Madi + Morgan just have the kindest souls. They are always so thoughtful and will go out of their way just to say “hi” to you…trust me I know. I ran into Madi at the mall the other day and she basically yelled across the store just to chat for a bit! Haha :)

Their in home cabin session went so smoothly and we actually shot for quite a while! We explored the cabin inside and out and got so many interesting shots. I actually shot part of their session with my film camera! And the film shots I got are probably some of my favorite film images I’ve shot in quite a while. When I first shared one of the film frames, Madi contacted me within seconds because she was obsessed too! All the black and white images in their gallery are 35mm film.

Ok. Enough talk. Just keep scrolling and let your eyes see the magic these two created!

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