Grand America Hotel Wedding | Salt Lake City, Utah

I’m all about going on adventures with my couples and hiking up the mountains somewhere for an elopement. But, I also will put my chaos away for a minute and I LOOOVE getting fancy and dressing up on occasion. And Larry + Jenny had the perfect wedding for me to do so. 

This high end wedding in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah had me in absolute awe. From the time I walked in the elegant bridal suite on the very top floor, to the time I walked in the gigantic ballroom, Larry + Jenny had planned an amazing all black and white wedding to a T. Their elegant monochromatic high end wedding was GOALS. I think I seriously walked away from this night thinking that’s how my wedding would be if I decided to go high end and large scale. 

Let me rewind myself and tell you the story from the beginning…

Larry + Jenny were referred to me through my step-mom! I love when I get word of mouth referrals. Well, actually I don’t even know if it was technically a referral. My step-mom had shared some of my photos on Facebook and Larry saw them. He commented that he wanted to hire me and the rest is history! 

We did their engagements last spring with their pup in Memory Grove Park. That park had a special place in their hearts because they love strolling their on the weekends with their dog. 

Fast forward to September 1st.

Their wedding day. It was absolutely the perfect day to get married. The weather was amazing and not too hot. Jenny had given me the bridal suite number and I remember having to ask someone for help because When I read the number I thought it was the 2nd floor and there must’ve been a 2nd wing. Nope. The bridal suite was on the 22nd floor! I walked in to a group of people popping champagne and pouring shots. The mother of the bride welcomed me with open arms and the first thing she said to me was, “You need a drink!” From that moment, I knew these were my type of people! 

Jenny and her maids finished getting ready and made their way down to the ceremony location in the hotel courtyard. Larry was an absolute nervous mess. He had never seen his bride in her dress. The moment she started walking down the aisle, you could see him trying to hold back the tears. This couple was absolutely and truly in love. 

After the ceremony, the cocktail hour pursued. And when I say “cocktail hour” I mean the drinks were FLOWIN! This party was just starting. The reception was gorgeous and the food was amazing. The night ended with pretty much everyone at least a little bit intoxicated. But all in all, Larry + Jenny had an amazing time at their wedding and it was a fabulous night for all. 

Hands down this wedding was one of my favorites of all of 2018. I can’t wait to meet all my 2019 couples and capture their special life moments! 

Venue // Grand America Hotel @thegrandamerica

Cake // Grand America Hotel + Kacie M @batterbowlcakes

Flowers // Cedar Village Floral @cedarvillagefloral

DJ // Creative Entertainment @DJChassis