My most embarrassing moment as a Utah Photographer...

We all have embarrassing moments, but when you’re on the job and they happen it’s so much worse! And when you’re the wedding photographer, a lot of eyes are on you too…

Ok, well the moment I’m about to share with you isn’t extremely embarrassing, but it did make me turn bright red. And I want to preface this story with the fact that I am REALLY bad at remembering names. 

So, I was shooting a wedding back in early Spring 2018, and everything had gone smoothly so far. We did their bridal session a month prior, which was the first time I met the couple, and we instantly connected. They put their full trust in me and were super comfortable in front of the camera. I mean, that’s pretty easy when you are head over heals for someone.

Utah Spring Wedding in a rustic barn by Bri Bergman Photography06.JPG

They were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on a beautiful sunny day and later had their reception at This Is The Place Heritage Park. Their temple exit went perfect and I was able to go home and relax in between their ceremony and reception. But when I got back to the reception, I had the HARDEST time not calling my groom Ben. I knew his name was Will, but I couldn’t figure out why I wanted to call him Ben! And keep in mind I had already shot with them once during their bridals AND I did their temple exit that same day, but it wasn’t until I got to the reception that I slipped up the groom’s name! I quickly corrected myself, but still had a hard time. 

Utah Spring Wedding in a rustic barn by Bri Bergman Photography09.JPG

It wasn’t until I was doing a detail shot with their invitation and rings that it dawned on me why I kept having this urge to call my groom Ben instead of Will… Once I read the invitation, I figured it out. His middle name is Benjamin… This made me feel a little better as to why I accidentally slipped up once and why I kept wanting to call him the wrong name…because it is his middle name! 

Regardless of my embarrassing error, the bride and groom had an amazing night. They had friends and family from far and near celebrate their big day. Congrats Emily and Ben…ehhhh I mean Will! ;)

Utah Spring Wedding at the Salt Lake City Temple by Bri Bergman Photography08.JPG