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Their Love Story

Salt Lake City, UT

Bracken + Ariel are some of my all time favorite clients. Not because their sessions were perfect or their perfect (although they kinda are), but because I am involved in their love story!

I met Ariel about 5 years ago when we use to serve together at a little cafe in Holladay, Utah. We became work friends but went our separate ways when I left that workplace. Fast forward about 9 months later, I was a host at a restaurant in Sugarhouse and that's where I met Bracken. He started as a server, but was quickly promoted and became my manager. I made tons of friend at this restaurant and Bracken was part of that long list. He quickly became one of Carson's (my guy!) best friends. Keep in mind this is BEFORE Carson and I even started dating!

Bracken would invite all of us up to his cabin in Montana and we would go fishing, boating, and adventuring through Yellowstone. This cabin holds a special place in my heart, because this is actually where Carson and I first started smitten. I know. Cute, right? In the summer of 2016, right after Carson and I started dating, I went on a two week long trip to California. When I came back, the first thing I did was get together with my friends--Bracken and Carson included of course. They were talking about some of the new hires at the restaurant we all worked at and they kept mentioning this girl Ariel. WELL! Of all the people in the world, it was the same Ariel I had worked with two years prior! 

When I realized Bracken was talking about this cute new server, and she was the same Ariel I knew, I texted her immediately. Seriously. Such a small world! First off, I was stoked that we were working together again. Second off, Bracken NEEDED a lady in his life. So, naturally, I set them up. I worked my magic and convinced her to come up to our next Montana cabin trip. ...I might've convinced her by telling her there were other people coming...and there was...but they bailed...

Sooooooooooo...It ended up being the 4 of us at Bracken's cabin. I remember Ariel was a bit hesitant with Bracken at first, but after that trip, the rest is history!

They started dating, they moved in together, and after about 6 months of dating, Bracken knew she was the one. I remember in January 2017, right around Ariel's birthday, Bracken texted me a picture of the ring. I remember I was grocery shopping at Smith's and my jaw dropped. I probably looked like an idiot in the produce aisle, but hey! My best friends were going to get married! 

Now, Bracken SUCKS at secrets. So, Ariel found out pretty quick that he had a ring. However, he wanted to customize it even more. So he didn't get the ring back till about APRIL!! But, it was worth it. Ariel's ring is one of a kind. 

Bracken proposed at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. They had a quick engagement and got married in Fall 2017. They had a beautiful wedding in October and the weather was absolutely perfect. 

To this day, Carson and I are still dear friends with Bracken and Ariel. We were both in their wedding party and were able to share such a special moment with them and their families. I still take major credit for setting them up and they will celebrate their first anniversary in only a few short months! 

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