10 Things You May Not Know

We all know I’m a couples and wedding photographer based out of Salt Lake City Utah, but I have had new friends and old stop by here and there’s a few things that not a lot of people know about me. And since it's my birthday week, I’m going to let you see into my life a little more so you can get to know me even better!

1. I grew up dancing.

From the time I could walk and all the way into college. I was on dance company in junior high and high school. I even was president of my dance company my junior and senior year of high school! When I was in junior high, I was obsessed with the show So You Think You Can Dance and I was convinced I was going to audition when I graduated high school…well that didn’t happen! Haha ;) 

Bri Bergman dance action shots by CP Rowe Photography

2. I’ve been all over the world!

The first time I left the country, I was 6 years old and traveled to Brazil. Since then, I’ve traveled to Holland, Jamaica, Spain, Italy, France, Taiwan, China, and Mexico. I love traveling and immersing myself in new cultures. 

3. Because I love traveling, I have a huge love for food!

I’ve tried so many crazy foods, even as crazy as chicken testicles! Ew…I know. But, my favorite food in the entire world is Italian. Mexican food being second. I love the fresh flavors that combine together to create amazing flavor profiles. But my real guilty pleasure? Top Ramen…

4. My love of food has fueled my love for cooking.

I’m not the best, but I can definitely make a dang good spaghetti sauce and I’m pro at making pico de gallo. Funny fact, I can’t cook for just two people. I always end up making wayyyyyyy more food than I need to! Funny thing, when I was younger, I had a love for baking instead of cooking. I even applied to a culinary college in Denver and considered culinary arts as a career path! My specialty? Cupcakes and sugar cookies!


5. Growing up I wasn’t a cat person.

I couldn’t have a cat at my mom’s house because my grandma is super allergic and she’s over a lot. So I always wanted to get my own cat when I moved out. Soooooooo…Carson and I now have 3 cats between the two of us. Arya, our black panther goddess, was Carson’s cat before we started dating. We joke that she looks like Toothless from “How To Train Your Dragon,” but she’s really the princess of our house. A few months after we moved in together, we got Ash for my birthday. We adopted him through Best Friends Animal Society and he was the cutest little fluff ball. Fun fact, Carson actually picked him out from the many, many options of adoptable kitties. I fell in love with my fur baby quick. He loved to climb up and perch on my shoulder like a bird when he was a kitten. Now, he’ll just stiff arm me in my sleep while he tries to steal my pillow. I swear he’s a dog sometimes. Now, the real question. How did we end up with a 3rd cat? Well, funny story. Best Friends was doing an adoption sale on kittens and cats that were 4 months and older. I was convinced I needed another cat to complete our fur baby family. So, without telling Carson, I went and adopted another cat one day after school. Hahahahaha He was not too happy with me when I came home and all I said was “please don’t hate me…buuuuuuuttt….” He knew right away I got another cat…. And that’s how we ended up with Axel! Now, they’re just a bunch of fat kitties that are lazy 95% of the time and shed all over our condo.

6. I haven’t had my own natural color of hair since I was in the 7th grade.

I was blonde for a VERY long time until about 2 years ago. Without consulting my hair stylist (I do NOT recommend doing anything drastic to your hair without talking to your hair dresser!) I dyed my hair BRIGHT freakin’ pink. Like fuchsia pink… I loved it for like a month, but then I wanted to go back to blonde. Wellllll…that took a while because the dye I used basically acted as a stain on my hair. My hair stylist had to color strip my hair TWICE, which then turned it orange in some areas and it was still light pink. We had to dye the orange parts light brown (as close to my natural color as possible) and then wait at least a month to try to go blonde again because I had damaged my hair so much from the chemical processes. Since then, I’ve had red ish blonde hair and my hair is healthier than ever! But, shoutout to my hair stylist. You da real MVP. 

Carson & Bri summer couple's shoot in Logan, UT by Jocilyn Bennett

7. I don’t edit my photos in Lightroom!

This may blow some people’s minds, but I just do not love Lightroom. I cull all my photos in Adobe Bridge and edit most of my images in Camera Raw. Camera Raw is almost the EXACT same thing as Lightroom, but I think it is so much more user friendly and I don’t have to run as many programs because you can access it through Bridge. For the longest time I edited solely in Photoshop because I know it like the back of my hand since I went to school for photography. And still to this day, there’s certain tools I prefer to use in Photoshop rather than Camera Raw. But, I edit ALL of my black + whites in Photoshop, and I don’t think that will ever change. I can edit all my black + whites for entire wedding in less than 20 minutes. How? KEY COMMANDS!!! If you don’t know key commands, I HIGHLY suggest you learn the basic commands. This hack will save your sanity. 

8. I have two younger brothers making me the oldest of 3 siblings.

My parents got divorced when I was 5, so only one of my brothers is my full biological sibling. I do have an older step-sister, but because of our age difference (6 years), we haven’t been super, super close. My youngest brother is my half brother and we have an 11 year age difference. I babysat A LOT and practically helped my mom raise the kid! My mom has been a single mom for 17 years and she is my hero!

my family by bri bergman photography

9. I grew up in a restaurant family.

My dad and step-mom have always worked in restaurants! They have managed a ton of restaurants in Utah including TGI Fridays, Wingers, Applebees, California Pizza Kitchen, and Cheesecake Factory! That’s actually how Carson got his job at Cheesecake Factory. And believe me, I’ve had enough food from CCF to last me a lifetime! Because I grew up in the industry, I think that’s why I’ve always been at home when I’ve worked in restaurants. I had my first serving job at a tiny cafe in Holladay called Normandie Cafe. Their desserts were to die for, and it makes me so sad that it’s no longer around! After I left the cafe, I started working at a restaurant in Sugarhouse called The Dodo. I started as a host and worked my way up to management. Carson use to work here too, and that’s where we met over 3 and a half years ago. If you’re ever in the area, you need to stop in and get a slice of pie! 

10. I love to binge watch.

I get completely sucked into anything on TV if it’s captivating enough. Like you could talk directly to me and I would not hear you because of how sucked into whatever show I’m watching. It’s a bad habit…probably won’t change though haha

Bri Bergman Headshot by Rachel Reyes

Now that you know more about me, I'd love to hear a fun fact about you!! Share something in the comments below!